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Saturday, May 2, 2009

April has been a stormy month

It's been awhile since our last posting as Merci has been a very sick dog. We've spent a lot of time at the vets and then at Metropolitan Veterinary Referral Service. We wanted to get her into the University of Minnesota, but it would have taken 4 days and frankly poor Merci didn't have 4 days to spare.
Since we adopted her, she has had tummy issues and we've dealt with vomiting, gas and bloating. Finally she has been diagnosed with IBD - Irritable Bowel Disorder and after spending 3 days in ICU, she has come home. The doctor said it is from all the years of bad nutrition and hook worms. She is on 4 medicines and special dog food and then will start Prednisone therapy in 4 weeks after the ulcers have healed.

Our girl is bouncing back quickly. She has a spring to her step and pranced on her walk this morning. Chris and I are amazed at her progress thus far. Prayers have been answered and we pray her for her continued progress so that she can live the healthy and happy life she so richly deserves.
Merci also got her first professional cut since we adopted her. Here are pictures of her right after her cut. She smelled so good and it was amazing how white they got her fur.

Merci wondering what is with the camera and all the special attention!

Merci and her mate, Nolan, were in the puppy mill together. On April 27, Miss Maggie May - their last pup (and the only surviving one of 7 in the litter) turned 1 year old!!

Here is the birthday card that Merci and I sent to Maggie May on her birthday! Happy Birthday to you Miss Maggie May Gatins!!

She sure is a little beauty. We are so happy to have a connection with Maggie May and her mom. They are very special and Maggie May is so lucky to be cared for and loved by Dee (and her wire brother Murphy too).

Nolan Need your Prayers and Support!!

Here is Merci with Nolan at Cheryl's right after they were rescued. Merci, always being the mom, cleans Nolans ears.
Nolan lives in Illinois with Christine and Joe. He is their gentle giant. Nolan has been very ill too and goes in for his Endoscopy on Tuesday. He has been vomiting blood and has chronic diarreha. My fear is that Nolan has many of the same issues as Merci. We pray and hope they find the cause of his issues and are able to start him on the road to recovery along with Merci

WE NEED TO STOP PUPPY MILLS!!!! These animals suffer while they are there and from the abuse, they suffer even after being rescued.

Merci says: "Merci Beaucoup for reading my bloggie and praying for Nolan" We love you Nolan, prayers and lots of wirey kisses and hugs from your sassy little lovebug, Merci!! xoxoxoxo