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Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Night is Nyla Bone Night!!!

Merci has been waiting all week for her Nyla bone! I told her Friday night when mom and dad relax, she can have her treat. She sniffs at the counter everyday where I keep it. Here is the video of her chomping away on it. We thought it would give her a good half hour of fun... yep.. pretty much gone in 10 minutes!! She's got a set of jaws on her!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Here we are on the day we picked up Merci at Cheryl's in Iowa!! Grammie, Laura, Chris, and I all drove down on pretty icey roads to pick our girl up. I was in Fox Terrier heaven with all those precious dogs surrounding me. But Merci won our hearts and home to Minnesota she came on November 8, 2008.


I told Merci this morning how beautiful her baby Maggie May/Zurie is. Cheryl sent me a picture of her and she is a gorgeous wire hair!! I find out more and more about Merci everyday. She delivered her last litter as sick as she was at the mill on April 27, 2008 – not even 7 months ago. And here she is healthy and loving life now. I bet she was the best mom as she is always cleaning herself. One of my favorite pictures was of her and Nolan at rescue and she was cleaning Nolan’s ear!

Here is a picture of Nolan at the mill as well. I know he looks tons better, and is feeling better now too! She and Nolan made such a beautiful puppy!! I emailed his mom today in hopes she can tell me how he is and how her experience at rescuing him has been going.

Merci got burrs on her feet last night walking in the woods, so I’m going to get her some booties – it’s cold too and she loves walking, so we’ll see how she takes to those. She woke me up dreaming last night – making all those funny sounds dogs do like they are barking but not really. Probably something like us screaming out in our dreams but it sounds more like a garbled groan! I asked her this morning if she got that rabbit she was chasing!! (she didn’t answer but I got a kiss which I liked!!)

This was the 2nd day in a row she bounded down the stairs with confidence! She’s got those stairs down pat!! YEAH MERCI!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

It was just a week ago that we brought Merci home. I woke up at 7 a.m. and she was still snoozing her her chair in our room. So I got my walking clothes on and went over to her and she stretched and yawned and I gave her some cuddles and tickled her tummy. She was groaning and when I stopped, flipped my hand with her snout for more lovin'. She's really warmed up to us in a short time. A week ago, she'd barely let me pet her and that was even with some coaxing. She has been eating standing up a lot of the time, but reverted back to laying down to have her breakfast this morning.. I snapped this while Chris and I were reading the Sunday paper and having coffee. She doesn't beg for food at all which we find shocking!!!
With all the walks, she was in need of a bath bigtime.. so I got her up to the bathtub today and she was all fine with that until the water came on! She did ok until we got to the face and she really didn't want to have anything to do with that part and tried to jump out of the tub. (so different from Zoey who loved water and jumped in the tub for me) I barely got wet, so that was good. She is excellent about getting brushed!! Just stood there like a trooper (so different from Zoey who would run and hide when the brush came out). So, today was another first for us and I say she passed with flying colors!