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Sunday, May 10, 2009



A friend of mine sent my mom a Mother's Day wish from ME!!! She loooovvveeed it so much, she wanted to share it with everyone!


She and my dad had to leave me to go see Laura graduate from college. They were very excited. I'm excited too because she doesn't have a job and came home to live with us again. I love Laura, she found me on the internet at Cheryl's and told my mom about me. Laura came to Cheryl's with my mom, dad, and Grammie to adopt me. She takes very good care of me and I love her a lot!

Laura Christine Jorgenson

2009 Graduate of Winona State University

Bachelor of Science - Chemistry

My Auntie Joan came to my house and took good care of me. We went to garage sales and she walked me around the ponds too (that is one of my favorite places). There are ducks, geese, turtles, beavers, and deer too. I took her on my secret trail. We had lots of fun together.

Mom and Dad made it back in time for me to celebrate Mother's Day too. I know you have all seen pictures of my daughter, but it's Mother's Day and I love to show everyone how beautiful she is. This is my Maggie May.
Maggie May - 1 yr. old
Wishing all the Mom's - even the furry ones a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!

Love, Merci