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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My First trip to the Cabin


This is me and my mom and dad on the deck at my cabin!

I had the best time over Memorial Day weekend! I got to finally go to the cabin for the very first time. I'm such a good traveler too! I just hop in my crate and sleep and when I get woken up, I'm ready to hop out and see where I ended up.

My very first ride on the boat with Laura!

I liked to look out at the boats and see what was going on. There were other dogs on boats too and I would hear them bark and get really excited. Then I got all pooped out and needed a nap after all the excitement. (really it wasn't me drinking wine)

Boating is hard work and it really cools off once the sun goes down. So when I started to shiver, they covered me with a beach towel and I was all warm and cozy.

This is my big brother, Matt. He just graduated from University of Minnesota, Duluth last weekend. He was our captain today and he really knows the lake too. My mom and dad really relaxed when Matt took over. I did too because I knew he'd keep us safe!

This is my Grammie and Laura. Grammie loves me a lot. She has had lots of wire hair's too. Angie was her heart dog. She talks about Angie all the time. I like hearing the funny stories of all the mischief she would get into! (The view in back is of us leaving the bay where our cabin is.)

Sunday was all about fun in the sun... and it got pretty hot out too.. so they brought my water bowl along for when I got thirsty!

I'm sporting my mom's shades as she thought I was squinting too much! I look pretty cool, don't I? Joe Cool doesn't hold a candle to me!

At the end of the day, I just plop down on the bench and bask in the sun with the breeze in my fur. Now I know why everyone loves the lake... you just kick back and relax and enjoy the beautiful trees and water. I can't wait to come back up next weekend for more of the same!

Stay tuned for more of Merci's adventures on Horseshoe Lake... coming soon!!