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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Playing Country Club... Ahh this is the life!

It was a beautiful day outside on Sunday ... the sun was shining... mom and dad were outside working in the garden..

(ok so this isn't their actual garden... but mom's is really pretty too when it's in bloom)


Where only the most spoiled dogs get their bed brought outside to lounge in the sun. And don't forget the ice in the water!! Oh yes, my mom thinks of everything!! I was even so lazy that she moved the water bowl just close enough so I could just lay their and lap it up! Ahhhhh this is the life!!The only thing missing was my cabana boys... Must have to talk to mom about that!

Here I am taking a bit of a siesta. Dreaming of dog treats (cause I can't have any right now because my tummy is still healing those nasty ulcers)
Laying around and lapping water is hard work... Mom gave me about 15 minutes and then I had to roll over... didn't want to get any lines from my harness (mom is silly sometimes)! I heard there was a pool somewhere too but she said it needs to get warmer outside first....