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Friday, December 25, 2009


Wishing all my friends near and far a very


I have had oodles of fun the past couple days. People coming and going, LOTS OF SNOW in Minnesota!!!

This is Christmas morning in our backyard. The terracing is 36" so there is about 18" total of snow. My dad keeps my backyard area clear with the snow blower so I don't have to get all snowy in the snow banks.

And I got some presents too! Here is a video of me enjoying all the chaos of present opening. I think my family had every bit as much fun as I did!

Merci's Christmas Adventures

Co-Starring: Clutch and Duke (that's Sarah in the blonde hair - Duke's Mom)

Laura gave my mom and dad very special mouse pads. My mom cried when she opened hers as it had a collage of pictures of ME and my mom and dads other WFT, Zoey who went to the bridge last year. She loves us both very very much and I know we would have been great friends if she was still here with us.

My dad is a ham as he shows us his mouse pad with him and my mom on it.

Here are Clutch, me and Duke all having a fun fun time opening up presents. It was Clutch's very first time since he is not quite 1 yet, so Duke and I showed him how it was done!

This is Clutch opening his big cow joint. He loved it, so did I - he shared it with me.

Here I am with my soft toy and my yummy knotted chew bone. It was exhausting, so I fell asleep after about a 1/2 hour.

This is Duke. He was amazing! He is a MASTER PRESENT OPENER!! He just ripped that paper to shreds. I got the hang of it really fast after watching him!!

I hope everyone gets special cuddle time today with lots of tummy tickles, kisses, ear scratches, and lots of treats!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

Love Merci... and her family too

Friday, December 11, 2009

The best of Merci

Summer is over and it was time to find a picture for our Christmas card. What I found was lots and lots of pictures of my Merci. She thoroughly enjoys life. Summer at the cabin was fun, chasing chippies, boatrides, relaxing and just being loved.

Me and my Merci - last boatride of the summer

What more could a sweet girl ask for? She is my little doll. I look at her and just am so amazed at how far she has come in the 13 months since we adopted her from Cheryl.

Cheryl with Nolan (under her arm), Merci (hand on leg) and their baby girl....Maggie May (red leash)

They had just been rescued that week. It breaks my heart to see my beautiful girl looking so terrible.... but it gets better!!

Nolan and Merci reunited 10/10/09 - exactly 1 yr. after Nolan was adopted by Christine and Joe... The were constant companions that day.


She is hardly without company either... Clutch and Dukie are her friends. She is quiet and puts up with a lot...... but then, they will push her a little too far and BOY! Does she let them know it... with a bark or a snip, she says hey... this is my home and you are the visitor.

This is Clutch - 11 mo. old Springer (Mitch's dog)

he is wild and crazy!!! AND


He's pooped out here!! Merci keeps him in his place!

This is Duke... a/k/a Doodles, Dukie Boy, Dukie McDukerson, Doo Doo, D Boy, Terror, Crazy "D"

He is Merci's "cousin" from Sarah and Gabe. He is very respectful of Merci and perfected the game of "SNITCH" with her. They are buddies!

When my mom gives loves, be rest assured she gives them to me first. If there is any left over - they you can get some! :) Yes, Merci is queen bee of her little castle!!

Me and my Mom at Sarah's in Chicago!


Oh and the fun game of "SNITCH" - Merci invented it and I think if she could put a patent on it, she would. Of course, in the dog world - it would be as big as Monopoly!

How to play:

Her rawhide chewies are kept nose height in the pantry and when the pantry gets opened, she snitches one from the bag (mom lets her)... then Dukie comes up and snitches his... they both chew for a few minutes... then one gets up and the other runs and snitches their chewie for their own! Back and forth and back and forth they go... The winner: the one who doesn't fall asleep first!

After a hard game of "Snitch" Merci won this round!


Here are some pics of my Merci - in all her simple beauty... enjoy :)

She loves the fresh air and the breeze in her face!

Sunbaths as the motion of the boat lulls her to sleep ***********************************

Merci on "Loon Patrol" as she spots 3 of them swimming in the bay

Hanging out in the kitchen while mom cooks

Cuddled up on my favorite bed

After being groomed - she gets embarrassed and hides in her crate

What a difference a year has made in both our lives. Lots of Wirey kisses and hugs to all our friends. Take time at this time of the year to reflect on everything beautiful in your lives. That is the greatest gift of all.

Joy & Merci

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dog Party

Here's a video I took last weekend.., I had a new camera and as you can tell, need some practice but wanted to share some of the party video... Fun was had by all!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Furry Family Reunion

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I was in such a rush to get the pics up and online that I didn't say anything about the reunion..

Merci, Nolan and Maggie may were all rescued from a puppy mill in Nebraska Aug. 2008. Merci and Nolan were mates for the 5 plus years they were together and who knows how many litters they had together. I'm sure it was a lot.

Maggie May was the only surviving puppy of Merci and Nolan and was full of hook worms as they were when Cheryl Collins rescued them. Through Cheryl, they were adopted out..

Merci to Joy, Nolan to Christine, Maggie May to Dee. The reunion was about 3 strangers who have become 3 very good friends through the love of their adopted rescue dogs. It was about the love of two mates who are soul mates. It was about life after the mill. It was about sharing, caring, laughs and love.

As it turned out.... we also celebrated our 3 birthdays... all 3 days apart. Oct 9, 10 & 11.... what are the odds of 3 strangers adopting 3 dogs from the same family... and our birthdays are 3 days apart?!

Dee said it perfectly... Serendipity!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My First trip to the Cabin


This is me and my mom and dad on the deck at my cabin!

I had the best time over Memorial Day weekend! I got to finally go to the cabin for the very first time. I'm such a good traveler too! I just hop in my crate and sleep and when I get woken up, I'm ready to hop out and see where I ended up.

My very first ride on the boat with Laura!

I liked to look out at the boats and see what was going on. There were other dogs on boats too and I would hear them bark and get really excited. Then I got all pooped out and needed a nap after all the excitement. (really it wasn't me drinking wine)

Boating is hard work and it really cools off once the sun goes down. So when I started to shiver, they covered me with a beach towel and I was all warm and cozy.

This is my big brother, Matt. He just graduated from University of Minnesota, Duluth last weekend. He was our captain today and he really knows the lake too. My mom and dad really relaxed when Matt took over. I did too because I knew he'd keep us safe!

This is my Grammie and Laura. Grammie loves me a lot. She has had lots of wire hair's too. Angie was her heart dog. She talks about Angie all the time. I like hearing the funny stories of all the mischief she would get into! (The view in back is of us leaving the bay where our cabin is.)

Sunday was all about fun in the sun... and it got pretty hot out too.. so they brought my water bowl along for when I got thirsty!

I'm sporting my mom's shades as she thought I was squinting too much! I look pretty cool, don't I? Joe Cool doesn't hold a candle to me!

At the end of the day, I just plop down on the bench and bask in the sun with the breeze in my fur. Now I know why everyone loves the lake... you just kick back and relax and enjoy the beautiful trees and water. I can't wait to come back up next weekend for more of the same!

Stay tuned for more of Merci's adventures on Horseshoe Lake... coming soon!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009



A friend of mine sent my mom a Mother's Day wish from ME!!! She loooovvveeed it so much, she wanted to share it with everyone!


She and my dad had to leave me to go see Laura graduate from college. They were very excited. I'm excited too because she doesn't have a job and came home to live with us again. I love Laura, she found me on the internet at Cheryl's and told my mom about me. Laura came to Cheryl's with my mom, dad, and Grammie to adopt me. She takes very good care of me and I love her a lot!

Laura Christine Jorgenson

2009 Graduate of Winona State University

Bachelor of Science - Chemistry

My Auntie Joan came to my house and took good care of me. We went to garage sales and she walked me around the ponds too (that is one of my favorite places). There are ducks, geese, turtles, beavers, and deer too. I took her on my secret trail. We had lots of fun together.

Mom and Dad made it back in time for me to celebrate Mother's Day too. I know you have all seen pictures of my daughter, but it's Mother's Day and I love to show everyone how beautiful she is. This is my Maggie May.
Maggie May - 1 yr. old
Wishing all the Mom's - even the furry ones a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!

Love, Merci

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Playing Country Club... Ahh this is the life!

It was a beautiful day outside on Sunday ... the sun was shining... mom and dad were outside working in the garden..

(ok so this isn't their actual garden... but mom's is really pretty too when it's in bloom)


Where only the most spoiled dogs get their bed brought outside to lounge in the sun. And don't forget the ice in the water!! Oh yes, my mom thinks of everything!! I was even so lazy that she moved the water bowl just close enough so I could just lay their and lap it up! Ahhhhh this is the life!!The only thing missing was my cabana boys... Must have to talk to mom about that!

Here I am taking a bit of a siesta. Dreaming of dog treats (cause I can't have any right now because my tummy is still healing those nasty ulcers)
Laying around and lapping water is hard work... Mom gave me about 15 minutes and then I had to roll over... didn't want to get any lines from my harness (mom is silly sometimes)! I heard there was a pool somewhere too but she said it needs to get warmer outside first....

Saturday, May 2, 2009

April has been a stormy month

It's been awhile since our last posting as Merci has been a very sick dog. We've spent a lot of time at the vets and then at Metropolitan Veterinary Referral Service. We wanted to get her into the University of Minnesota, but it would have taken 4 days and frankly poor Merci didn't have 4 days to spare.
Since we adopted her, she has had tummy issues and we've dealt with vomiting, gas and bloating. Finally she has been diagnosed with IBD - Irritable Bowel Disorder and after spending 3 days in ICU, she has come home. The doctor said it is from all the years of bad nutrition and hook worms. She is on 4 medicines and special dog food and then will start Prednisone therapy in 4 weeks after the ulcers have healed.

Our girl is bouncing back quickly. She has a spring to her step and pranced on her walk this morning. Chris and I are amazed at her progress thus far. Prayers have been answered and we pray her for her continued progress so that she can live the healthy and happy life she so richly deserves.
Merci also got her first professional cut since we adopted her. Here are pictures of her right after her cut. She smelled so good and it was amazing how white they got her fur.

Merci wondering what is with the camera and all the special attention!

Merci and her mate, Nolan, were in the puppy mill together. On April 27, Miss Maggie May - their last pup (and the only surviving one of 7 in the litter) turned 1 year old!!

Here is the birthday card that Merci and I sent to Maggie May on her birthday! Happy Birthday to you Miss Maggie May Gatins!!

She sure is a little beauty. We are so happy to have a connection with Maggie May and her mom. They are very special and Maggie May is so lucky to be cared for and loved by Dee (and her wire brother Murphy too).

Nolan Need your Prayers and Support!!

Here is Merci with Nolan at Cheryl's right after they were rescued. Merci, always being the mom, cleans Nolans ears.
Nolan lives in Illinois with Christine and Joe. He is their gentle giant. Nolan has been very ill too and goes in for his Endoscopy on Tuesday. He has been vomiting blood and has chronic diarreha. My fear is that Nolan has many of the same issues as Merci. We pray and hope they find the cause of his issues and are able to start him on the road to recovery along with Merci

WE NEED TO STOP PUPPY MILLS!!!! These animals suffer while they are there and from the abuse, they suffer even after being rescued.

Merci says: "Merci Beaucoup for reading my bloggie and praying for Nolan" We love you Nolan, prayers and lots of wirey kisses and hugs from your sassy little lovebug, Merci!! xoxoxoxo

Saturday, March 7, 2009


In honor of the warmest day so far this year, here my mom's latest attempt at getting me to pose as little spring flower. My dad is kinda in the picture and he had to hold me because I felt so silly. I'm really glad they had a good laugh at my cute expense! In the past week I've walked 5 miles! Oh how I am so ready to say goodbye to snow and cold and hello to warm and wonderful!

I also want to give a big wirey hello to my new friends Sally, Penny, Poppy, Patches, Alasandra, Asta, Agatha, Archie and Butchy and Snickers oh and Chance!! It is so fun to see and read about so many fun furry friends! We're getting around to visit each of you as time permits so you'll be hearing from us soon!

Mom has been very busy with my dad tearing out bathrooms and now remodeling them (2 at once) so she has been a little slack at posting. But she took the day off today and has been blogging like a crazy woman :)

Mom is super excited for spring like me because (1) she hates snow and cold and suffers horribly from icky Asthma (2) we have a cabin on a lake (which I've yet to see since she just adopted me in November 2009) and (3) she is a perennial buff and has a triple tier perennial garden in the backyard. Upon inspection through the snow, tips of her dwarf Iris, Coral Bells, Dianthus, and Daisies are all showing green. She split a bunch of lily bulbs last year and moved them all around the garden, so it will be like little presents popping up all over this year!

Plus she put in 2 new perennial gardens at the cabin and that will be so fun for her and my dad to see what came back this season and how many friends came along for the ride. (that happens a lot when you split them if they have trailing roots)

Mom keeps telling me that I'll love going on the boat just like Zoey and Dukie boy did. She knows I don't like water much, but they have a special life jacket for me by "Outward Hound" (modeled by Duke) to wear so If I do decide to jump in the water, I'll be safe. Here is a picture of my best friend Dukie. You've seen other pics of him but I think this one is really silly. He loves the breeze in his face when he is on the boat.

SUPER DUKE! Enjoying fun in the sun on Horseshoe Lake.

Stay tuned for more updates as soon as my mom can figure out where she put her camera as she has only spent the entire day trying to find it. And yes, she looked in the garbage, refrigerator and laundry room.