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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Click on the Feed the Animals Link

(we've known each other for 48 years) WOW!!!
My best friend. Gini, who is as much if not more of an animal lover than I am, sent this link to me back in December. I click on it everyday at work. For each person who clicks on it (and they'll send you a daily reminder if you want), each click adds an amount to help pay for animals in shelters that need food.

Gini is another rescuer!! She is amazing and has such a big heart. She lives in Texas and has rescued a Katrina dog. Boudin had heart worms when Gini started fostering him. She paid for all his medical bills and he is all healthy now. Many months after Katrina was over and the clean up was all done, she received an email or a call (I don't remember which) that Boudin's owner was looking for him... Gini was so sad because she and Boudin had formed such a great bond with her other dog, Blue. She emailed photos etc. to Boudin's owner and said how much she loved this great dog. He decided that the best thing for Boudin was to stay permanently with his foster Mom and the rest is history. Boudin is as happy as ever and so is Gini... She also has many cats that she loves and cares for.

So, make Feeding the Animals a daily reminder for you and help feed those in need. There are so many!!

Thanks to Gini for sharing this link!!

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