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Friday, December 25, 2009


Wishing all my friends near and far a very


I have had oodles of fun the past couple days. People coming and going, LOTS OF SNOW in Minnesota!!!

This is Christmas morning in our backyard. The terracing is 36" so there is about 18" total of snow. My dad keeps my backyard area clear with the snow blower so I don't have to get all snowy in the snow banks.

And I got some presents too! Here is a video of me enjoying all the chaos of present opening. I think my family had every bit as much fun as I did!

Merci's Christmas Adventures

Co-Starring: Clutch and Duke (that's Sarah in the blonde hair - Duke's Mom)

Laura gave my mom and dad very special mouse pads. My mom cried when she opened hers as it had a collage of pictures of ME and my mom and dads other WFT, Zoey who went to the bridge last year. She loves us both very very much and I know we would have been great friends if she was still here with us.

My dad is a ham as he shows us his mouse pad with him and my mom on it.

Here are Clutch, me and Duke all having a fun fun time opening up presents. It was Clutch's very first time since he is not quite 1 yet, so Duke and I showed him how it was done!

This is Clutch opening his big cow joint. He loved it, so did I - he shared it with me.

Here I am with my soft toy and my yummy knotted chew bone. It was exhausting, so I fell asleep after about a 1/2 hour.

This is Duke. He was amazing! He is a MASTER PRESENT OPENER!! He just ripped that paper to shreds. I got the hang of it really fast after watching him!!

I hope everyone gets special cuddle time today with lots of tummy tickles, kisses, ear scratches, and lots of treats!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

Love Merci... and her family too

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The Airechicks said...

What a wonderful Christmas...

Lots of happy folks!!!!

Enjoy all those treats and toys!