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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Swimming season comes to an end

Another "first" for Merci..

Swimming at the lake ....

Merci decided to give swimming a try this summer and loved it! She was a little timid at first but after seeing how much fun everyone else had in the water, her enthusiam shined and we put her in the water.

Merci on her first swim - it was shallow water and we kept her leash on her in case she got scared.

Then everyone joined in the fun! Clutch showed Merci how much fun it is in the water! (Duke still isn't too sure about it all)
Laura and Merci relax on floaties.

Merci and Clutch relaxing on the boat. I found this collapsible bowl for their water.

Duke had enough water for the day and was sharpening up on his social skills as he let everyone know who came near the boat, that they were welcome!

Talk about "dog tired"... Merci napping after a long afternoon in the sun and water. She uses her bed more for a pillow most of the time. I think she is just used to the ground from living at the mill.

Sweet dreams Merci...


Asta said...

It's gweat to see you trying out swimming..I wemembew my fiwst time I was all scawed, then I got to love it
Sadly, I didn't get to go this yeaw and I missed it..
get some good west and keep twying new adventoowes
love and smoochie kisses

TwoSpecialWires said...

Merci! Oh how I love to swim, as well! Moma remarks that I'm like a mermaid .... it's really when I'm my happiest. And to think I'd never seen water during the eight years I was in the mill. It must be the feeling of bouyancy and freedom. Do you think? Whatever, it's wonderful.

Your mermaid friend,
Fergi (and Jake)