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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Catching up with Merci


As the season gets busier, I got sicker and sicker and sicker.. So I haven't had a chance to update Merci's blog lately. Since feeling better and getting Christmas in order, I decided that Merci was a little stinkpot and was in desperate need of a bath.

She did so much better this time around!! I didn't have to take a bath with her! LOL... And she smells so good now. I even invited her on to our bed this morning for a 1/2 hour tickle session which she thoroughly enjoyed :) Her feet are finally coming clean - I thought they were permanently stained from the mill. But with scrubbing and clipping, they are finally looking almost all white and certainly like she has been a lady of leisure living the life in a loving home (just the way it should be!!)

With the weather being so cold, Chris and I deemed it necessary to turn the blow dryer on her. (mistake!!) She didn't like it one bit. Chris held her against him and I held it away and on low and she calmed down a bit and was dry in no time - and can you say SOFT!!! What a looker she is!

Chris was walking her in the morning early this week by the ponds and his boot was untied. He bent down to tie it and she jerked and off the leash came. He ran for a good 5 minutes and finally caught up with her.. Lets just say.... WHAT BAD HIP??? She can surely run with the best of them and had us fooled completely. Chris got his morning workout and everyone was happy when they arrived home (yeah right!!).

Life is good and Merci makes it all that much better. She is a little gem and I'm so happy to have her in our lives.

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Marian Petrides, M.D. said...

Love having the opportunity to follow Merci's saga. Pepper and I adopted Ziva (now Skippy) from Cheryl a week or so after you adopted Merci.

My elderly WFT, who passed away two years ago at age 15.5, had the same surgery the Merci did--except that he had problems with both hips--at age 13.5. It never ceased to amaze me how agile he was at climbing stairs with neither hip in socket. WFT's are incredibly feisty, aren't they?

I'm so glad that Merci found you (and that Skippy found us)!!