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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Visitors Arrive!!!

(Laura playing with Mac (left) and Merci)

It was an exciting evening tonight when Gabe came over with a new friend for Merci to meet... his Wire Hair who is 13 yrs. old - MAC....He is a big wire hair - weighing in at approximately 35 lbs. He is so shaggy and if he went "Baaa" instead of barking, I wouldn't be surprised!! Merci was so excited when they came through the door!

Gabe and Laura with Mac and Merci

Duke joined in the festivities and there was only one small casualty - Dukie was so excited he jumped up and hit his head on the side of Sarah's and she got a bump... nothing a frozen bag of peas didn't take care of!

Duke, Merci, and Mac

(You try getting 3 dogs to pose at once!)

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