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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Morning Update with Merci

Finally the promise of a little warmer weather starting today! I think Merci already senses it as she took her sweet time outside this morning and is getting a little bolder by the day expanding her territory... this time in the neighbors yard under their big pine tree which is on a hill. Now mind you, I'm in my nice flats for work without the luxury of a fur coat like missy! Two deer were out on the hill keeping their eye on us but they didn't seem to bother Merci who was on to some other scent! They made their move and Merci looked up and pulled on the lead and by the grace of god and some balancing on my part I slid down the hill with the grace of a figure skater doing a little turn at the end! I should have taken a bow and if there were judges they'd either be laughing hysterically or giving me a 10.0!!!

Catasrophe diverted, Merci tugged me back to the house where she ran to the treat jar.

I'm loving my new laptop that Chris bought me last weekend. As I sit with my coffee and he reads the paper, Merci hangs out in her bed with a chewy. The sky looks to be clear today and the snow is slowly melting. I can hardly wait for April and look in my terraced gardens out back for any perennial tip that has made its way to the surface..

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