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Sunday, January 11, 2009

"DOG Meets PIG"

With all the kids home from college also came Duke (Sarah and Gabe's dog) and Beethoven (Matt's guinea pig). Beethoven had been staying downstairs with his friend Alpha and the dogs really were not that much the wiser about the little guests until Laura decided to see how the dogs would react to the pigs.. So she brought Beethoven upstairs to see what would happen...

Mr. Dukie McDukerson, being the dasterdly devilish dog that he is thought Beethoven would be a tasty morsel much like everything he finds. But Beethoven didn't like that much and squeeled (yes, like a pig)! Of course, Duke thought this was a game and became quite playful, so we quickly distracted him with a football (as pictured above).

Merci checking Beethoven out! Merci and Beethoven just hanging out!

Now, Miss Merci, being the loving mother she is, started whining when Beethoven squeeled. So, Laura took Beethoven to Merci's bed and it was an instant bond between Dog and Pig.. Merci treated Beethoven as if it was one of her long lost babies and licked him and nudged him with her nose. She then turned circles in her bed and plopped down and scooted Beethoven right over to her tummy. It was so sweet, and I know she was the best mom to Maggie May (a/k/a Zurie). But it was sad too, even though Beethoven has gone back to school, she still goes to the stairs to the lower level and cries. Chris and I brought Merci downstairs tonight to show her that the pigs had left. As I blog, she just lays down in front of where their cage was kept.

I also spent a couple of hours grooming Merci yesterday.... what a difference a bath and a little clip clip here and there makes... I had to hand clip her face. She totally freaked out from the "buzz" of the clippers. She was fine with them on her body and legs but would not let either Sarah or I get near her face. I figured she has been through enough in this life, so with a little TLC and sweet talk, she laid down in my lap and let me work my wonders with her... what a beauty she is!!

My first trim from Mom - I was pretty
good but told her to keep it kinda long
since it is freezing cold outside!!

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