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Friday, January 2, 2009


Merci brought in the new year by celebrating her 6th birthday on 12/31.

It was a rather small affair - only Chris, Joy, Gabe, Sarah, Grammie, Duke and Merci - The adults celebrated with filet mignon while Merci and Duke each got a beef flavored chew. We played games and toasted in the new year together with Merci on my lap! What a difference a year makes for my girl!

I've noticed so many changes in her recently - the best being that she seems much more sociable. She comes up freely for loving pats and reassurance. She has the treat jar down pat and will not move away from it when she's been a big girl.

The morning routine being 15 minutes tickle time on mom and dad's bed is expected each morning. She loves to try and get her collar away from me before I can put it around her neck! The interest in love and play is coming together and it makes me so happy for her. I watched her lay in her bed on New Year's Eve chewing away on her rawhide - very content. She's never had that before and I'm so glad Chris and I were able to open our hearts and home to this sweet girl.

Since she refuses her joint medicine, I've had to resort to crushing it up and putting it in a tablespoon of beef or chicken baby food. It is her special treat and she loves it.

Potty training is still an on-going process with her. Finally she will pee by the side of the house but refuses to "be big" on our property. She will still take to the rug to relieve herself when she gets the urge, and so we just keep plugging away.

Matt brought home the guinea pigs from school and we showed them to Merci. I think she thinks they are her puppies. She wanted to pick one up in her mouth, but we quickly stopped that. Whenever she hears a dog cry on TV, she will cry too or bark!! So silly, but it just shows us how much she misses her babies and Nolan too. She loves other dogs and I'm thinking of enrolling her in a dog socialization class somewhere just so she can make some friends. Duke will go back to school on January 15 with Gabe and Sarah, so she will have some adjusting to make again. We noticed she moped around a bit at Thanksgiving when Duke went back.

Though I miss my sweet little Zoey terribly, Merci has brought a certain "joy" into our lives these past few months and we look forward to a wonderful, fun year with her exploring the cabin and lake life this summer. There is still so much for her to experience in life.

Here is to a happy, healthy 2009 for all our friends - furry and otherwise!! Special thanks again to Kathy and Cheryl for all their fabulous efforts with Wire Hair Rescue. We love you guys and are grateful beyond words for all you do to bring people and animals together!!

Happy New Year!!!

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