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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Last night I came home from work and Meri got up and came over to me with her little stub wagging. Chris and I took her on a walk. She did so well, and had a lively spring in her step! She could hear a dog barking in the distance which really perked her up and she wanted to see where it was coming from. Someone walking three Shelties appeared, and boy is she our "little miss social." Unfortunately, they did not want much to do with her. Their owner needs to work on social skills! Chris and I agreed that she is missing all her companions at rescue. We're really hoping she has fun when Dukie shows up at Christmas. He does very well with wires since he visited both households where resident wires, Mac and Zoey lived. Dukie can be a bit frisky and wants to play, play, play... but we saw Merci hold her own at rescue and he might have a bit of adjusting to do once they meet. Time will tell. I spent the better part of last night on the computer - blogging about her and she was waiting for me at the top of the stairs when I finished.
Chris and I felt bad about leaving her in her kennel all night, so last night we decided to bring up her little bed and put it in the chair in our bedroom to see how she did. I think she was like... "what is going on here?" But soon settled down and slept through the night. It was probably the first night in her life of never sleeping in a crate.
We're slowly working on the stairs. She is fine with one, but that whole flight put her in a bit of a panic and she stalled out on the bottom one. She finally ate some food last night which was a relief! It's really funny watching her drink water. It's like she's a pelican and scoops up the water!!

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txmockbird said...

tackling one step at a time .. what a good metaphor for her little life : ) and remember me, in waco with 80lbs of unmoving boudin to get up the stairs!!