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Monday, November 10, 2008

Checking out her new bed

Rescuing an adult dog is like teaching an older dog how to do pretty much everything most dogs learn as young pups. For instance, her name. I talked to a trainer who said teaching her what her name is will probably be one of the harder things to teach. But it can be done. Just teach it to her as you would anything else with praise and treats. So when I call her or say her name, if she turns her head or comes to me (usually with me patting my legs), I praise her and give her a training treat. We've already made some headway in that area as she came out of her kennel this morning, and came up to me with her little stub wagging and kissed my out stretch hand... I need to remember.... baby steps.
Where I really noticed remarkable improvement was her going up the single step we have from our family room into the kitchen area. Yesterday I had to put her front paws up and then give her little rear a boost to give her the idea of how to accomplish the small task of a stair. Today, she must have gone up and down that step a half dozen times by herself!!
She is showing little interest in her food this morning. Maybe because of the Nylabone she demolished yesterday afternoon??? I have her on the same type of food that Cheryl did except it is the "lighter" version, as we girls must watch our figures!! I did coax her by holding out a piece of food to her, and showing her where her dish is. I think she is also a little depressed without all her friends around her from rescue.
Merci isn't too sure about the leash and wants
to play tug-o-war with it!

Chris and Merci out on a walk

The leash... that was rather interesting. It was more of a toy at first! But seeing her get frisky with it made me so happy. She caught on very quickly, hardly pulling as we coaxed her out the front door because the garage door had too many steps. She was very happy on her little shopping excursion to PetsMart to pick out her new pink plaid jacket when she ran into a couple of rather large dogs. Her little stub went crazy and as little as she is, she went right up to them and sniffed them out!

Not too sure about this coat thing, but it keeps me warm!

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txmockbird said...

good morning miss merci! cousins blue and boudin send their love and tell you that being rescued is the best feeling in the world : ) glad you are finding your way ... soon you will be running higgldy up the stairs and gobbling up your food. careful around those big dogs ..