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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Yesterday Chris went on an errand and when he came home, he couldn't find Merci... called for her and went upstairs, and guess who comes out of our bedroom? YEP... she's a bit of a con artist we think. She refuses to go up stairs for us, but obviously doesn't have much of a problem doing it when we're not around!!

Cheryl emailed me today and attached photos of Merci and Nolan when they were at the mill. This is Merci before she was rescued. They called her Queenie. I think Merci suits her perfectly now. Her photo (left) hardly resembles my sweet girl. It shows how much love and care Cheryl and Dr. Frost gave Merci. I'm as thankful as she is.

Merci is really enjoying her walks and is doing incredibly well. Chris and I look forward to it as much as she does. She met a dog on the bridge going over the ponds tonight, and this owner was much more sociable. They both sniffed each other out and she was so excited!! It was fun to see that thrill in her. Chris and I talked again about the possibility of having another dog in our lives. For now, we're just happy with it being just the three of us. It takes a lot of patience and trust building with rescue dogs.
She was pretty wet after our walk this morning and I had to dry her off. I've learned to show her and let her sniff everything before it goes near her. She let me dry her paws off which is so different from Zoey - who would hardly let us touch her feet.
Chris finally went back to work after a few days off and worked a 1/2 day today. He let Merci stay out of her kennel for 4 hours and she was a good girl!! He said she got up and came to the back hall when he walked in and seemed really glad to see him. They were both tired, and were on the couch watching "Cash Cab" when I came home at work!
Merci getting her neck scratched while watching "Cash Cab" with Chris

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