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Sunday, November 9, 2008

From Mill Dog to Merci

If it wasn't for the efforts of Cheryl Collins who started Wire Fox Terrier Rescue Midwest, dogs like Merci would live and die at puppy mills. These sweet dogs have never known the love and companionship of a human family. When we lost our sweet Zoey, I thought my heart was broken. At my daughter's insistence, I visited this rescue website and immediately felt the need to give another wirehair the same love I gave Zoey. When I saw Merci's picture and read her story, there was an instant connection. I e-mailed Cheryl with my story, and within a month I was approved to rescue a dog and was driving to Iowa with my family to meet Cheryl and all of her dogs on November 7, 2008. When we first saw Merci, she tentatively approached us and I held out my hand and she licked it. I pretty much knew it was over at that point, but little Ike jumped all over us and smothered us with kisses so there were decisions to be made. After an hour of playing I asked Laura, Mom, and Chris who will we be taking home? The answer was unanimous- Merci! Although she was quieter than the other dogs, there was something in the way she looked at us that said, "take me and love me". Her new life and our new life with her began at that moment. This blog is Merci's and my journey in helping her become the dog she was always meant to be.

Please visit Cheryl's website:


Anonymous said...

Bonjour Merci!

Yizhao said...

nice new dog!

Vporph said...

She is a beautiful dog, thank you for sharing her story, I follow the dogs at Cheryl's and contribute when I can, but am not able to adopt one myself for health reasons, So it thrills me to see Merci in her new, wonderful home with a loving family! It brings tears to my eyes,,,thanks again,,,Vanessa